"I said I'd never go back to that life."


"But you didn't promise."

-Mysterious Man

Appearing in "Return"

Featured Characters:

  • Jonathan Wells/Target (first appearance)

Supporting Characters:

  • Will (first appearance)
  • Mysterious Man (first appearance) (unnamed)


  • Vlad Ivanov (first appearance) (flashback only)
  • Goro Aki (first appearance)


  • New York City

Synopsis of "Return"

During the Cold War, Jonathan Wells signs up to become the world's first man made super human. He fought for years, but retired after a fight with an enemy of his named Vlad Ivanov, which resulted in many dying. Years later, Jonathan has become a lumberjack. He is out cutting wood when a mysterious man comes up to him and asks him to come back in to the game. He refuses, even after the man offers to pay him a lot of money. However, as he leaves he mentions a group known as "The Eye", who Vlad was connected to. After hearing this, Wells says that he's in, as the man thanks him before leaving. Wells then begins training until he is in shape once again. He puts on his old cloths and heads out to the city, where the man said to meet someone who can help him. He makes his way to an alleyway, where he sees the man he's supposed to meet. The man introduces himself as Will, and reveals that he knows who Jonathan is. Or at least, he knows that his codename is "Target". Jonathan and Will eneter a bar, where Will claims he has a lead. The man's name is Goro Aki, and he is the leader of the Japanese devision of The Eye. As Goro is leaving the bar, Wells starts a bar fight, during which he grabs Goro and interrogates him. Goro claims he knows nothing, but cracks when Wells threatens to shoot Goro in the head. Goro reveals that there is another member of The Eye in town, and that he knows more than him. Jonathan thanks Goro before head butting him so hard it knocks him out. Jonathan and Will then leave the bar, where Will asks if he did anything to Goro. Jonathan says that he did, but that he won't say what, as it shows Goro waking up to his leg cuffed to a car, which has a bomb in it. Goro panics and sees a hacksaw, realizing what Jonathan wants him to do. He grabs it, and then screams at the top of his lungs.

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