Robert Benton is a super hero in the Midnight City universe. His origin story is unknown, but it is implied that he was a police officer or a soldier who became a hero after he quit or was let go.


Robert doesn't get too many scenes, but the ones he has show him to be a good hearted person, who, like the other heroes, is more willing to kill than a regular hero.


Robert has black hair and is a very good looking young man. His costume is completely black with a red cape and a skull and crossbones on his chest. He also wears a small mask and carries a handgun on his belt at all times.

Powers & Abilities


  • Hand to Hand Combat (advanced)
  • Parkour Skills
  • Weapon Skills
  • Sniping


  • It is implied he assassinated Osama bin Laden in this universe.
  • He claims he once fired a bullet from fifty feet away and still hit his target.
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