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"Is anything wrong?"


Appearing in "The Neighbors"

Featured Characters:

  • Paul Nuclear (first appearance)
  • Martha Nuclear (first appearance)
  • William Nuclear (first appearance)
  • Linda Nuclear (first appearance)

Supporting Characters:

  • Fred Trent (first appearance)
  • Nina Trent (first appearance)
  • Hank Trent (first appearance)
  • Shana Trent (first appearance)


  • None


  • Westville

Synopsis of "The Neighbors"

In a small town named Westville, a few people find out there is a family that has moved in to town. They decide to go meet the family, but are shocked to see they are clearly not human. In fact they're robots. They try to get along with the family, and realize that they seem to be normal other than the fact they're robots. William and Linda, the pairs ten and thirteen year old children, hang out with two children named Hank and Shana Trent, while their parents, Paul and Martha, speak with Hank and Shana's parents, Fred and Nina. Paul and Fred talk about how Paul works, while Nina and Martha speak about their day to day lives. However, while outside, Shana and Linda get in to an argument when Shana calls Linda "weird". William ends up getting involved, so Shana calls him a "little freak". William then snaps and punches Shana in the gut. After this, the Trents grab their daughter and begin to leave, claiming they had a great time, but leave in a panic. Paul then grounds William, and speaks to his wife about what just happened, with Martha claiming she is on William's side. The two get in to an argument, but it ends in the two hugging on the couch. However, neither of them look at each other, making it clear that the hug is just to stop the argument.

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