"I will rip your arms off and use them to beat you to death!"


"You talk too much... maybe you shouldn't have a tongue."


Appearing in "Ares Part I"

Featured Characters:

  • Artemis

Supporting Characters:

  • Arthur Lin
  • Aegeus


  • Ares (first appearance)
  • Eris (first appearance) (cameo)


  • New York City
    • Just The Facts News Station

Synopsis of "Ares Part II"

A pizza man shows up to an apartment, where Aegeus answers the door. The pizza man is clearly afraid for his life, but Aegeus doesn't notice and pays him before closing the door. He walks in to the apartment, where it's revealed that Artemis has been living with Arthur since defeating Zeus. Arthur flips through the channels on TV, with Artemis telling him to stop at one. He does so, and it turns out to be a news report on a biker who is feared all across America. Arthur questions Artemis on why she wanted him to stop on this, with Artemis revealing the biker is Ares, the God of War. The reporter goes on to say that Ares is traveling the country looking for Artemis. The reporter doesn't know who Artemis is, but tells everyone to watch out for Ares. After seeing this, Artemis gets off the couch and walks off. Aegeus and Arthur follow her to the station which was reporting on Ares. She walks in to the report, saying that her name is Artemis and that she wants Ares to come get her. She tells him where to meet her and walks back off stage. The next day, Artemis is waiting at the location she told Ares to meet her at. She think no one is showing up, but then sees Ares coming in the distance. Ares stops his bike, and gets off it, slowly walking towards Artemis. After Artemis makes fun of Ares a bit, Ares tries to punch her, but Artemis grabs his fist and throws him around. The two then have a large fight, which ends in Artemis throwing Ares in to his own bike. After all this, Ares drives away, with Artemis walking back home, where Aegeus and Arthur are happy to see that she won. Meanwhile, Ares speaks with a mysterious woman and makes a deal with her, if she gives him the power to defeat Artemis, he will become the woman's agent of chaos. She agrees and pumps Ares with power. Ares thanks the woman and reveals who she is: Eris, the Goddess of Chaos.

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