Goddess of the Hunt is an ongoing comic series which follows the Greek Goddess Artemis.


  1. "Artemis of the Hunt Part I"
  2. "Artemis of the Hunt Part II"
  3. "Ares Part I"
  4. "Ares Part II"
  5. "Ares Part III
  6. "The Underworld Part I"
  7. "The Underworld Part II"
  8. "The World's Strongest Part I"
  9. "The World's Strongest Part II"
  10. "The World's Strongest Part III
  11. "Life of Aegeus"
  12. "God War Part I"
  13. "God War Part II"
  14. "God War Part III"
  15. "God War Part IV"
  16. "God War Part V"
  17. "Cronus"
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