Bart Hill is a super hero in in Midnight City universe. He is the son of John and Linda Hill, who were murdered in front of him when he was a child. He was then branded by the killer, who he then murdered himself. The trauma ended up making the boy mute, with him growing up to become the super hero Devil.


Bart never speaks, due to the fact he is mute. But his narration seems to depict him as a very hard boiled and gritty character. He is determined to take out any criminal he comes across, and doesn't stop until he knows they are behind bars. However, he is also very violent, as he breaks a man's fingers before walking off. In fact, at one point he claimed that "violence is just another part of my life".


Without his costume, Bart is a ginger man with extremely pale skin. He is also described as looking "so odd it's amazing". In fact, his looks are fascinating to a lot of people, as he is right in between being ugly and being a normal looking person. He also has a large boomerang shaped brand on his chest. In his costume, he is black on one side and orange on the other. His eyes are white and he wears a belt which he keeps his boomerang in.

Powers & Abilities


  • Hand to Hand Combat (advanced)
  • Throwing Skills
  • Detective Skills
  • Intimidation


  • He claims he once fought a bear.
  • When his mask is taken off he lets out a loud scream, and in the next issue he reveals he believes his mask is a part of himself, no different from his arm. Because of this, it makes sense why he screamed.
  • He has a habit of writing down his life, in fact some characters such as Black Terror claim he has a problem.
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