Arthur Lin is a college graduate who went to a forest to camp. While there, he was attacked by the Chimera, and was saved by Artemis, with the two quickly becoming friends.


Arthur is usually shown to be sarcastic, and very smart. He is also afraid of most things Artemis shows him, for example, when he first saw Zeus his first reaction was to hide behind Agathe. Because of the fact he doesn't have any superhuman abilities this is understandable. But whenever the situation calls for it he will battle, but prefers not to. He refers to himself as the outsider of the group, which makes sense as he doesn't know anything about the Greek Gods or monsters.


Arthur has black hair, glasses, and green eyes. He is also half Chinese as his last name implies. He wears a green jacket, a black shirt and jeans. In a few issues he wears a button on shirt and shorts, but this look does not appear often. His hair is usually spiked in some way, with many characters asking if he uses jell, but he claims he usually "just wakes up with it like that".

Powers & Abilities


  • Hand to Hand Combat (basic)
  • High Intelligence


  • He knows the Elemental Table by heart.
  • His favorite director is Christopher Nolan.
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